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  • Optimize Event

    Host Live, Virtual, Hybrid Auctions with MaestroAuction Online
  • Virtual Bidding with Text2Bid

    Enable easy real-time, bidding for virtual events and eliminate bid sheets during live/in-room events.
  • Elevate Fundraising with Text2Fund

    Provide easy, convenient giving options for your donors.

Auction Management Software to Transform Fundraising

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MaestroSoft Auction and Event Software

MaestroAuction Online™ and MaestroAuction™ virtual, live, and silent auction software, Text2Bid® digital and mobile bidding software, and Text2Fund® text-based donation software and services are helping nonprofits raise billions of dollars and further their cause through thousands of virtual, hybrid, and live fundraising events, charity auctions, golf tournaments, and galas.


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