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We're a team of software and auction fundraising experts that share a common, simple philosophy: auction management software should help organizations transform fundraising, engage donors, optimize the event experience and maximize yield.

MaestroSoft®, an Arreva® company, is the trusted advisor and leader in virtual, online and live auction software, Text2Bid® virtual and mobile bidding software, Text2Fund® text-based donation software, as well as virtual/live auctioneering services. Conducting thousands of charity and nonprofit auctions, galas, and other events, raising more than $7 billion in the past two decades, MaestroSoft’s comprehensive, industry-leading software solutions effortlessly optimize fundraising events and elevate fundraising.

  • MaestroSoft has dedicated 25 years to helping great causes as they are helping others.  Paying it forward with appropriate solutions that solve problems, increase productivity, reduce stress, and enhance guest experience has always been what motivates us.  Our dedicated team of professionals and innovative services has been instrumental in positively reshaping the fundraising world, especially as related to events and auctions.  Thousands of clients and tens of thousands of events have experienced the ease of use and stress free utility we provide, all with an eye toward a positive guest experience.  Along the way, we are proud that we have earned the reputation as the company with the best customer service.


    We have always been innovative in how we create and implement our offerings for our clients.  We listen intently to them, understand their issues, offer application assistance that helps them raise more money, and build products that reflect how they work.  This is a partnership with our clients, and we never lose sight of the fact that we exist to serve their needs.

MaestroSoft's History of Innovation through Experience

  • 2020 - First to Embed Video Streaming for Virtual Auctions


    In response to the COVID pandemic, MaestroSoft quickly added features to allow clients to move from in-room galas to virtually hosted auctions with live streaming/broadcasting embedded into your online auction website.

  • 2013 - First to Offer a Complete Integrated Event Suite


    MaestroSoft was and remains the only event software supplier to be the single source for auction event software, on-line web based solutions including on-line bidding, payment processing and mobile text based bidding and donation solutions from a single supplier, fully integrated into a single package.

  • 2012 - First Electronic Bidding to Integrate with Event Software

    MaestroSoft released Text2Bid and made electronic bidding affordable for auctions of all sizes. MaestroAuction (formerly AuctionMaestro Pro) received a major update with a Text2Bid sync for items and winning bids that made the entire process seamless for users.

  • 2006 - First to Offer "Token-based" Secure Credit Card Processing


    When MaestroPay (formerly qCheck) was released in 2006, it introduced the ability to securely capture credit cards at the event without internet, phone lines, or bulky terminals. Using secure encryption, the cards were stored offline and later processed after the event once internet was available.

  • Late 2004 - First Online Auctions Integrated with Event Software


    MaestroAuction Online (formerly WebMaestro) was the first appliction to integrate online auctions into event software, allowing guests to receive paper statements at in-person events that included event purchases and online purchases. This continuity made pre-event online auctions an intrinsic part of the overall event and encouraged early involvement in event fundraising.

  • Mid 2004 - First Online Payments for Auction Event Planning


    The introduction of MaestroPay (formerly qCheck) online payments transformed the burden of RSVP entry into an “auto pilot” method of collecting registrations. Guests simply visited a MaestroAuction Online (formerly WebMaestro) website to enter their own contact and credit card information. Soon thereafter, online payments were upgraded so guests could pre-register credit cards for the event.

  • 2003 - First Cloud Solution for Auction Event Planning


    Over ten years ago, we understood the importance that volunteers played in event planning. MaestroAuction Online (formerly WebMaestro) gave auction teams the ability to work on the event from any web browser 24/7, completely changing the way auction chairs acquired volunteers. Even those with full-time jobs could work from home to support their event.

  • 2000 - First Software to Include Built-in Event Guidance


    Auction 2000 took a huge step forward in establishing MaestroSoft as an “event planning” solution technology provider as compared to a basic “auction software” solution. The Auction Navigator used a timeline design to guide the user through planning the event and offered valuable fundraising tips and advice along the way.

  • 1996 - AuctionMaestro Integration with Office


    MaestroSoft was the first to offer event management software that directly integrated with Word and Excel. Today, our software exports data and reports to Word, Excel, HTML, PDF, and CSV.

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