MaestroAuction Online

Virtual Auction Management Software

MaestroAuction Online™ is the ultimate technology to manage your virtual and online auctions. With MaestroAuction Online, you can run and manage your event directly from your custom auction website to sell tickets, manage guests, accept item and cash donations, sell merchandise, manage your item catalog, and run your online auction. Easily showcase your items and build engagement with your guest list to meet your fundraising goals without an in-room auction. Share live-stream and prerecorded video to enrich the guest experience. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Manage Every Aspect of Your Virtual/Online Auction

Easy to setup

Simply enter a start and finish time, mark your desired auction items as "online" and MaestroAuction Online (WebMaestro) takes care of the rest! Your patrons are presented with a user friendly bidding area. They can set an AutoBid or use the "buy now" to buy it outright. View the anonymous bid history for any item just like at a real silent auction. 

Running the Online Auction

  • Auction/Event website configuration
  • Customize the item catalog 
  • Bidders may set AutoBids
  • Offer "Buy it Now" options
  • Automatic outbid emails
  • Sell merchandise and accept cash donations
  • Close items at different times
  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX

After the Online Action

  • Process charges with qCheck PerfectBatch™ Processing
  • Unpaid charges upload into AuctionMaestro for guests to pay at the event
  • Customizable email receipts


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  • Auction and Event Websites

    Create and Manage a Complete Website for Your Event

    • Customize home page with various options
    • Fully customizable color scheme
    • Choose a home page that emphasizes your event’s details or one that emphasizes your events online auction catalog
    • Add up to 9 quick links to the site toolbar
    • Add up to 5 custom info pages
    • Customize content with a WYSIWYG editor
    • Group catalog items together in many ways
    • Add links to other websites
    • Embed video or a live streaming window
    • Add a background image
    • Add a rotating group of sponsor images
    • Add a rotating group of feature items
  • Online Registration

    Offer Tickets and Registration Online for Quick Checkout

    • Guests update their own contact information
    • Guests choose from custom ticket prices
    • Capture meal choices
    • Capture seating requests or other information
    • Guests may buy tickets for others
    • Automatically Limit event capacity
    • Customizable email receipt
    • Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
    • All information downloads into MaestroAuction
  • Online Table Sales

    Allow Patrons to Purchase Tables and Seat Guests

    • Patrons update their contact information
    • Allow for multiple table price and seating options
    • Capture meal choices for every guest
    • Patrons can make changes to their tables at any time
    • Table guests can add their credit card online for quick checkout
    • Customizable email receipt
    • Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
    • All details upload into MaestroAuction (AuctionMaestro Professional)
  • Online Item Catalog

    Showcase Auction Items with Custom Images

    • Unlimited items and categories
    • Create custom headers
    • Display a slideshow of images
    • Include a link to the Donor’s website
    • Search functionality
    • Guests can keep a "wish list" of bookmarked items
    • "Email to Friend" feature
    • Access to TravelPledge Experiences
  • Live Streaming and Broadcasting

    Add a Real-Time Auction to Your Virtual Event

    • Embed a Live Stream or add a video link to your home page
    • Embed a YouTube Live Stream
      • Visit the YouTube Help site for more information on setting up a YouTube Live Stream.
    • Embed a Twitch Live Stream
      • Visit the Twitch Help site for more information on setting up a Twitch Live Stream.
    • Add a link to your Zoom Video meeting, Facebook Live page, or Microsoft Teams meeting
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Fundraising Options for Online Auctions

  • Online Item Donations

    Allow Patrons to Donate Items Directly into Your Database

    • Collect all item information
    • Collect donor contact info
    • Donor may upload a photo of the item
    • Automatic donor thank you email
    • Control item approval
    • Patrons may enter donations on behalf of others
  • Event Sponsorships

    Sell Sponsorships to Recover Auction Technology Costs

    • The patron may choose from a variety of sponsor levels
    • Patron may upload a sponsor logo and add sponsor text
    • Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX
    • Customizable email receipts
  • Virtual Raise-the-Paddle

    Fund-a-Need at Your Virtual Event

    • Define an unlimited number of “causes”
    • Define an unlimited number of giving amounts
    • Customizable email receipts
    • Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex
  • Virtual/Online Donations

    Allow Patrons to Contribute any Amount of Money

    • The patron may choose from a variety of "causes"
    • The patron may custom enter any amount
    • Customizable email receipts
    • Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX
    • Keep this feature open year-round to patrons
3 Easy Steps to Deploy MaestroAuction Online
  • Select a prefix that is easy to recall. <myprefix>
  • Establish your qCheck payment processing account.
  • Appoint your MaestroAuction Online event administrators.


Most deployments can be completed in one business day. Then, you are ready to customize your home page and start managing your event within the MaestroAuction Online administrative dashboard.

See How MaestroSoft Adds Value to Your Auction!


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