Mobile Bidding with Text2Bid

Enable easy, real-time bidding during virtual events and
eliminate bid sheets at in-room events.

Text2Bid® is a robust, full-featured, mobile bidding technology that transforms global virtual/silent/live auctions, golf charities, galas, or any other event into 24/7 fundraisers, allowing nonprofit organizations to raise money before, during and after an in-room or virtual event. Providing an easy, fun, and convenient web-based, mobile bidding solution, bidders use their own smartphone, tablet, or laptop to place bids, raise the paddle, buy items, and make donations to improve guest engagement and optimize yield and return.
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Follow Three Simple Steps to Try Text2Bid Now

  • Step 1

    Text AUCTION
    to 71760

  • Step 2


  • Step 3

    Browse the
    Auction Items

Maximize Auction Event Revenue

Mobile bidding improves the profitability of auctions and makes event management easier regardless of the type of event. By providing your attendees with a mobile bidding option, you will have peace of mind during your event and better audience engagement, giving you the best results from start to finish. For all types of events, switching from paper to mobile bidding results in 30% higher profits.


Text2Bid makes it easy for guests to bid, and provides a friendly game quality for guests interested in the same auction items. This results in more bids being submitted, which yields higher returns for your auction event. When mobile bidding is used, bids per item multiply by three to four times.

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  • Thermometer and Leaderboards

    Display Unlimited Thermometers

    • Thermometer automatically updates
    • Extra large banner logo for sponsors
    • Display total donated and raised
    • Custom scroller to highlight donors

    Display Unlimited Leaderboards

    • Leader boards automatically update
    • Extra large banner logo for sponsors
    • Display total raised
    • Choose from different modes:
      • Display all items
      • Display only one section of items
      • Display only one category of items
      • Display only Deal items
  • Donations or Fund-a-Need

    Virtual Auction Raise-the-Paddle

    • Display progress with the Text2Bid Thermometer
    • Raise money for multiple "causes" or "funds"
    • Feature "causes" with picture and description
    • Available to smart phone and text-only bidders
    • Available to kiosk bidders
    • Excellent option for private donors
    • Capture donations from off-site bidders
    • Donations download directly to MaestroAuction
  • Instant Statements for Patrons

    Produce Statements in Seconds

    Statements in Text2Bid 

    Statements are automatically created in Text2Bid at the conclusion of the auction.

    Statements in MaestroAuction

    Text2Bid activity uploads into MaestroAuction where statements are printed.

    • Choose from over 12 statement styles
    • Print with your custom logo
    • Print by table, bid number, or name
    • Checkout in seconds with qCheck
  • Text2Bid Store

    Sell Unlimited Merchandise 

    • Merchandise items have a “buy now” price with a finite or unlimited quantity 
    • Feature items with picture and description
    • Available to smart phone and text-only bidders
    • Available to kiosk bidders
    • Allow off-site bidders to purchase items
  • Bidding Kiosks

    Capture Bids from Any Attendee


    Bidding kiosks ensure that patrons without phones have access to placing bids. The combination of bidders with phones and those without phones actually helps you bring in more money. Read below to find out why.

    How They Work

    A Text2Bid Kiosk is a web page that is easily accessed with a private link. This web page works on all computers including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also works with mobile operating systems such as Apple iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

    How They Make Money

    Our training literature instructs your volunteers to educate kiosk bidders about AutoBid. An AutoBid will save the bidder multiple trips to the kiosk - while increasing your event income. AutoBids increase bidding activity throughout the event while your non-phone bidders spend more time socializing and less time at a kiosk.


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ActiveYield™ Features of Text2Bid

  • ActiveYield AutoBid

    Maximize Item Yield with Automatic Bidding

    Your guests use AutoBid for hands-free and worry-free bidding. The bidder is presented with a list of available bid steps, taking the decision-making out the process and increasing bids.


    • All available bid steps are displayed
    • Kiosk bidders may AutoBid
    • Text message notification when bids are increased
  • ActiveYield™ Notifications

    Automatically Keep Bidders Engaged with Notifications

    Text2Bid will notify bidders via text message the instant they’re outbid. It keeps guests engaged in your auction by informing the bidder they are no longer winning to increase their bid or begin bidding on a new item entirely.


    Text2Bid will also automatically text all of your attendees when the auction is about to close. These notifications keep guests informed at the end of an event when bidding volumes are highest. 


    The ability to react in real-time means more bids and more money for your cause. 

  • ActiveYield™ Deals

    Automatically Manage Items in Real-time

    ActiveYield™ Deals creates a special item listing on smartphones and kiosks that showcase items with no bids or items that have a bid less than 40% of the Fair Market Value. 


    This method is notably more effective than a simple list of items with no bids. If an item is under-performing, it's very likely to close with only one bid if it's only temporarily listed while having no bids. ActiveYield continues to bring attention to an under-performing item until it receives enough bids to bring it above 40% of its Fair Market Value.

  • ActiveYield Soft Close

    Further Engage Bidders by Extending Item Bids

    ActiveYield™ Soft Close is a two-fold feature that both increases revenue and protects bidders from last-minute bidders. 


    If ActiveYield detects any bids during the last minute of bidding, the items that receive last-minute bids will automatically stay open one extra minute - allowing the outbid bidder to counterbid. If they counterbid - another minute is added to the clock for that item, and so on. This creates a frenzy of fun competition, and has brought in thousands of extra dollars within minutes.

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Additional Text2Bid Features

  • Sponsorships

    There are several areas in Text2Bid to showcase sponsors. Sponsors can have their own button icon on the main event page and sponsor logos can rotate on the main event page, within the item catalog screen, and within the My Bids button.
  • Payments

    Text2Bid allows for guests to either enter their credit card at registration or pay with credit card at the end of the auction. When the auction closes, guests with a balance due will receive a text notification with a link to their invoice to complete payment.
  • Real-time Reports

    Text2Bid has built in live progress reporting to view total raised, top spenders, top items, and more. If you want to use reports from MaestroAuction, you may download bids early to run reports.
  • MyBids Center

    Text2Bid allows your guests to see all bids, wish list items, donations, and purchases on one single intuitive screen. Make bidding easy with one-touch access to increase bids.
  • Extend Bidding

    If for any reason you need to extend the closing time of the silent auction, you can quickly extend the closing time(s) of all items or a specific section.
  • Live Preview

    Showcase your live auction items on phones and kiosks. Bidders can view an item's description, pictures, donors and bookmark the item to their watch list.
  • Raffle Management

    If you sell all of your raffle tickets through Text2Bid, the system will handle sales, cut-off time for sales, and randomly generate a winner. *Rules regarding Raffles may vary from state to state. When using the Raffle feature in Text2Bid, please be sure to check your local laws for compliance. Organizations based in Washington state may not use the Raffle feature.
  • Door Prize

    To increase participation in your silent auction, choose an item to give away as a door prize. Text2Bid will randomly choose a phone number and you can text them to let them know they've won.
  • Share Bid Number

    Text2Bid supports up to two phones per bid number, allowing couples to share one bid number.
  • Text Any Bidder

    You can text any bidder in your auction right from your computer. Use this functionality when you need to alert a bidder of a "second chance" item or for any other reason.
  • Reverse Bids

    If a bidder requests to have their bid reversed, you can easily back out any bid. The bidder who moves into the lead is automatically notified by text.
    • Short-code: 717-60
    • Works instantly on all phones with no apps or installations required
    • Unique keyword for your event/organization
    • Administrative dashboard for event customization & monitoring
    • Multiday event control with pre-event preview mode
    • Customized registration landing page and event splash page
    • Automatically text bidders when they’re outbid or win an item
    • Automatic about to close text messages
    • Hybrid registration to allow on-site and remote bidders
    • Complete bid history per item
    • Secure payment processing with PCI compliance
    • Receipts automatically emailed to donors
    • Text payment reminders with a balance due
    • XLS/CSV report exports
    • Phone and email technical support included
    • U.S., Canadian and International long codes available
3 Easy Steps to Deploy Text2Bid
  • Select a keyword code that is easy to recall.
  • Establish your qCheck payment processing account.
  • Appoint your Text2Bid event administrators.


Most deployments can be completed in one business day. Then, you are ready to customize and start your event within the Text2Bid administrative dashboard.

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