MaestroAuction™ Event Manager

Run-of-Show Expertise for a Stress-free Virtual or Live Event Broadcast

The MaestroAuction Virtual & Live Event Manager works with you to plan, produce and monitor your virtual event broadcast. Their expert suggestions for both live and recorded video elements ensure your broadcast is engaging with effective messaging. As your technical event director, they sequence the broadcast elements to stream the video online.
Optimize Your Event with Our Event Managers!

You can expect the following items from the Virtual & Live Event Manager:


  • A kickoff discussion with the event committee to understand your event structure, goals and objectives, outline broadcast timing and tasks
  • Ongoing consultation/discussion to optimize the event experience and run-of-show
    • Provide recommendations on intermixing live video feeds with the prerecorded messages and testimonials of your designated participants to include on the broadcast schedule
  • Perform a pre-event virtual rehearsal of the full run of show
  • Structure the streaming presentation so each element of the virtual event occurs as you have agreed
  • Configure streaming connection for the live event to display on the MaestroAuction Online website


  • Act as the technical director to monitor event flow and insert the appropriate video, either as a live connection or as one of the prerecorded presentations at the proper time in accordance with the run of show


  • Post recorded broadcast on the MaestroAuction Online website for playback
  • Meet with you for a post event debrief
  • Provide you with the event recording for post event use
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