The Beracha Foundation

Serving those who serve

The Beracha Foundation's specialty is to "serve those who serve."


No organization is too small or too great to profit from the services Beracha offers. The Beracha Foundation is there for you with the widest possible range of services you can imagine. For example, if you don't have a website, or you don't like your website, give them a call. They can launch a new look for you in a matter of hours! Plus, with Beracha's subsidies, you can guarantee it will be a website that will be affordable and even pay for itself. Beracha can help you with graphic design, web video, professional writing services, eNewsletters, search engine optimization and everything else you need to have a successful website.


That's just the start! Beracha has a team of professionals who specialize in programming and managed services. They also specialize in professional consulting services. For instance, you may be a large organization that needs the real-world expertise from a CFO, CIO or CTO, but there's no way you can afford to bring someone like that on staff. Look no further. They have a full team of professionals in the "C-Suite" who can come along side your organization for exactly what you need. Did they mention that those professional services can be subsidized as well? So there's no reason for you to not be able to afford these amazing services.


For detailed product and service information visit the Beracha Foundation.

Make sure to mention "Maestro" for special discounts!


Request info about using Beracha's services for your organization.


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