D&K Events

Events made easy!

We know who you are... You are the hidden heroes. You feed the hungry, stand up for the down trodden, you comfort the sick, you make wishes come true, and your impact is endless. And we're here to help you grow. We manage your fundraising event and can take care of the details for you. We at D&K Events make you feel at ease so you can focus on what matters, sharing your message, growing your impact and changing the world.


With the multi-layers of any one event: auction software, event website, registration, tickets, check-in/check-out, credit card processing, communications, it can become overwhelming to manage while sharing your message and growing your organization. That's where we come in. We manage as much or as little as you need to help support you in making the most of your event.


Please contact us and let us help you grow.







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