• Meet Johnny Johnson


    Mr. Johnson, an expert in software design, has an impressive background in the software industry. He was a flight instructor at NAS Miramar, teaching computer and radar systems, and an instructor at the US Naval Academy, where he taught computer science for four years. After retiring from the Navy, he was a computer project management consultant for the FAA where he designed, wrote and integrated all PC Artemis modules in the FAA's project management system.


    Mr. Johnson has worked closely with Microsoft since 1989 as a Consulting Partner in Microsoft's Solution Providers Program. He has been a presenter at all of the Microsoft TechEd symposiums. Mr. Johnson has conducted project management and database training and consulting for a variety of government and commercial companies including: the FAA, US Air Force, Washington Mutual Bank, Microsoft, Tandem Computers, Boeing, Martin Marietta, Honeywell Measurex, Amtrak and others. Most recently he designed and wrote a database system for Amtrak Engineering to automatically assign union personnel to jobs based on seniority, qualifications, and bid preferences.


    As a member of Rotary International, Mr. Johnson initially wrote a software program (PC Auctioneer) primarily to help him manage his Rotary club auctions year after year. That work led him to a meeting with Jay Fiske which in turn led to the creation of the most powerful and comprehensive benefit auction management software available, AuctionMaestro® Software.

  • David Blyer

    Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer & President, Arreva

  • Susan Packard Orr

    Co-Founder, Chairman & Chief Technology Officer, Arreva

  • Jay Fiske

    Co-President of Arreva's MaestroSoft Auction & Auctioneering Software Division & Chief Benefit Auctioneer

  • Ken Kleve

    Co-President of Arreva's MaestroSoft Auction & Auctioneering Software Division


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