Northwest Benefit Events

Energy. Excitement. Passion.

We are a full service company, and will do as much or as little as your needs may be. We make sure that everything flows smoothly, from volunteer training, check in to silent closings, data entry and close out. A terrific guest experience requires a smooth running event and our team can assure that.


The key ingredient in running an auction is organization and a good group of energetic volunteers. We will help you make that happen.


There are different challenges at every event, but we will help you work through every situation, give new ideas or insights, develop new ways to raise money. The joy of hearing a client at the end of the evening, say how much they've appreciated all the help and expertise over the past few months, makes it all worth the time and energy that goes into the planning of a successful auction.


The majority of our clients are from around the Pacific Northwest but we travel to wherever the need arises. We are looking forward to meeting you and helping you make your upcoming auction one that will long be remembered.



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