MaestroAuction CRM Edition with Raiser's Edge Integration

  • MaestroAuction Integrates with Raiser's Edge

    • Works with Raiser’s Edge 7 (Local or Hosted) and RE NXT.
    • Connect your Raiser’s Edge database to an unlimited number of auction events.
    • Sync your data as often as you like.
    • Create an unlimited number of fully customizable export and import templates.
  • Transfer Data from Raiser’s Edge to MaestroAuction

    • Build the list of constituents to transfer using Raiser’s Edge query functionality.
    • Transfer Constituents and/or Participants.
    • Constituents in a household can be transferred individually or as a unit.
    • Participants may be transferred with their ticket and seating assignments.
    • Transfer fund information.
  • Transfer Constituents from MaestroAuction to Raiser’s Edge

    • Check for duplicate constituents automatically during the import process.
    • Add any new constituents not found during the check duplicate process.
    • Update existing constituent's address information, if desired.
  • Transfer Gifts from MaestroAuction to Raiser’s Edge

    • Each type of gift may be assigned its own Fund, Campaign, Appeal, or Package.
    • Import each gift individually with payment information
    • OR Import a summary by gift type without payment information.
    • Import gifts into a batch or add them directly to the constituent’s record.

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