Mobile Bidding with Text2Bid

Enable easy, real-time bidding during virtual events and
eliminate bid sheets at in-room events.

Text2Bid® is a robust, full-featured, mobile bidding technology that transforms global virtual/silent/live auctions, golf charities, galas, or any other event into 24/7 fundraisers, allowing nonprofit organizations to raise money before, during and after an in-room or virtual event. Providing an easy, fun, and convenient web-based, mobile bidding solution, bidders use their own smartphone, tablet, or laptop to place bids, raise the paddle, buy items, and make donations to improve guest engagement and optimize yield and return.
Maximize Auction Event Revenue

Mobile bidding improves the profitability of auctions and makes event management easier regardless of the type of event. By providing your attendees with a mobile bidding option, you will have peace of mind during your event and better audience engagement, giving you the best results from start to finish. For all types of events, switching from paper to mobile bidding results in 30% higher profits.


Text2Bid makes it easy for guests to bid, and provides a friendly game quality for guests interested in the same auction items. This results in more bids being submitted, which yields higher returns for your auction event. When mobile bidding is used, bids per item multiply by three to four times.

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All gifts, membership dues, pledges, pledge payments, sales, event revenue, and grant payments appear in the Gifts and Pledges Module where you can easily take care of the acknowledgment process, run analytics, track pledge balances and recurring gifts, and follow up on matching gifts. All online gifts, peer-to-peer fundraising, and event registrations come directly into ExceedFurther as soon as the donor clicks on submit.

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